BlackatApothecary is a women owned business that sells witchy and occult items including: Shrunken heads, spells, and energy work.

I lost touch with clay but always meant to get back to it. Fast-forward to Halloween 2020: My Aunts, mom, and sister were coming over for "witches tea" in the garden; I really wanted a shrunken head to be in each goodie-bag.
With the pandemic slowing everything down, I decided to build my own. So, I got back into clay.

I then began selling them at a local oddities ship and found a community of others like me, who liked strange things. I began to feel more secure about stepping out of the "witches closet" and began talking about spells and practices I was taught by my family. Soon I realized how empowering it was and began my spiritual journey. 

This endeavor allows me to express myself, practice, and teach my others the things my family of generational witches have taught me. I am honored to be a local female artist and produce unique occult items that make people happy and help them achieve their dreams! 


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